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Customer Testimonials


Sahara Pets is an awesome pet shop to visit. They are a low pressure environment to find the right puppy for our needs. They're fair, all the puppies we've seen are in excellent health, and they have a good lifetime health warranty.


Sahara pets is the place to be! Wonderful staff, welcoming atmosphere, and amazing animals. Here, you don't just "find a dog", you're making a friend. All furry friends of Sahara pets are healthy, happy and in a hurry to meet the family they've been waiting for. Sit and play with your new friend in a nice safe environment, give them treats and allow them to truly imprint on you with all the furry cuteness they can muster! Medical records and breed history? Done and done! At Sahara pets you'll get the healthiest four-legged fun loving friends they can find!


Shaylia help me find the perfect friend and she did a great job with everything.
Thanks again Shaylia

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